Parent Involvement


We understand that parental involvement is a crucial component of a child’s educational success. Parents are their child’s most important teacher. Research has proven that children are more successful learners and have higher emotional intelligence, when their parents are actively involved in their learning and development, both at home and at school. To support parents as partners, we encourage families to be involved in their child’s educational process. We have an open-door policy, which allows parents to visit and participate in our programs at all times, fostering a sense of openness and inclusion. We also host parent involvement activities throughout the year to provide opportunities for parents to get involved. 

Some of the group’s initiatives include: networking with other families, learning opportunities for families such as workshops and trainings, special events, teacher recognition and development, community service projects, center enhancements, classroom volunteering opportunities and fundraising.
If you are a Kingsway parent and would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer request form below.