Kingsway Learning Center

A Christian-based early learning center, was established in 2011 with the goal of providing quality early learning experiences for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Our approach to child development not only embraces and supports the physical, mental and emotional development and well-being of the child, but the spiritual as well. We have been very successful in implementing our strategy over the years. Our children have gone on to primary and elementary school with a head start in reading, math, and phonics. 
Our approach is simple. We focus on 4 key areas of early childhood development:
The Emotional – We listen to our children and provide them with an opportunities to share their feelings. We are also aware of their reactions and behaviors (such as acting out, depression, aggression, procrastination, arrogance, or introversion). We seek to quickly identify root causes of emotional disturbances, and involve parents and/or guardians where necessary. We have found that by focusing on the emotional health of our children, we are able to help them reach the level of self-sufficiency and emotional intelligence necessary to deal the day to day challenges that children face. 
The Physical – We provide adequate time for structured play indoors and outdoors. We also serve meals that are balanced and free of excess sugar and chemicals (processed foods). We also adhere to special diet requests from our parents. We encourage dancing, moving, and free-play which not only helps strengthen a child’s growing body, but also positively contributes to a child’s self-image.
The Mental – We provide structured, curriculum-based lesson plans. We also provide tutoring in math, science and reading; and homework help for our school-aged children. We also provide, counseling (summer program only) and mentoring. Our approach to developing a child mentally, involves differentiating our approach using books, manipulative, outings, etc. Overall each child learns differently, and we understand the diverse needs of children and adjust our approach for each child accordingly. 
The Spiritual – At Kingsway, we do things the King’s way! We are a Christian-based daycare center. Our children learn to pray, quote scriptures, and learn about God’s love for them and humanity in diverse ways. Our children learn to not only be strong physically, emotionally and mentally, but they each develop a healthy love and respect for their Creator. We consider this to be the Kingsway difference. Our children have a winning edge, because above their natural abilities, they learn that they also have God’s supernatural abilities at their disposal. 
We also provide:
  • Accreditation (Pending)
  • 21st Century Curriculum based learning
  • A clean, safe and secure environment 
  • Watch Me Grow Camera System 
  • Nurturing and Trained Staff
  • Reliable Transportation (Where Available)
  • Multiple payment options, including App
  • Scholarships 
  • And more…